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0000014930-06-000017.txtbrunswick corpbcgress william
0000752294-06-000010.txtelectronic systems technology incelstelectronic systems technology inc
0000896595-06-000069.txtpremierwest bancorpprwtpatterson james l
0001042167-06-000075.txtrc2 corprcrcdods robert e
0001140361-06-002330.txtcommunity bankshares inc scscbwilliams wm reynolds
0001140361-06-002444.txtnatural resource partners lpnrpdunlap dwight l
0001156039-06-000040.txtwellpoint incwlpherman joan e
0001206774-06-000240.txtenterprise financial services corpefscwagner james c
0001209191-06-010085.txtwest corpwstcfisher william e
0001290041-06-000006.txtwatts water technologies incwtslacourciere paul a
0001313146-06-000006.txtscientific atlanta incsfamangum mylle h
0001349123-06-000003.txtlexar media inclexradams mark
2018-03-1640000034563-18-000030.txtfarmer brothers cofarmgrossman jeanne farmer
2018-03-1640000036047-18-000045.txtcorelogic incclgxmartell frank
2018-03-1640000038725-18-000056.txtfranklin electric co incfeledavis delancey w
2018-03-164/a0000038725-18-000057.txtfranklin electric co incfeledavis delancey w
2018-03-1640000039911-18-000040.txtgap incgpshyder brent
2018-03-1640000072333-18-000047.txtnordstrom incjwnnordstrom bruce a
2018-03-1640000086115-18-000040.txtsafeguard scientifics incsfemcgroarty jeffrey b
2018-03-1640000096021-18-000051.txtsysco corpsyytilghman richard g
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